Tutorial 2 – AngularJS Demo App

Tutorial 2 – AngularJS Demo App

Please Note: If you are starting a new web project, you should take a look at using the new Angular (currently at version 7 at time of writing). If you are looking for AngularJS specifically, continue reading below.

The following is a demo AngularJS (Angular 1) app I built in Visual Studio 2017. It demonstrates how to use core concepts in AngularJS such as interpolation, two-way data binding, and routing (via UI Router). It also uses some HTML5/CSS3 concepts such as Local Storage and CSS Class Selectors. Using the basic concepts illustrated in this demo web application, you will have a good foundation for building a real-world applications.

To download the angular demo project, please click the link below:

In order to run this demo web application, Visual Studio 2017 is required (it may work on other version but I have not tested). To get your free copy of Visual Studio 2017 Community Editionclick here to visit their download page.

Below is a video where I demonstrate what the GUI will look like when you run the Tutorial 2 – AngularJS Demo web app: