Month: December 2018

Fix Slow Chrome Browsing

If you constantly get Site Can’t Be Reached or long wait times “Establishing Secure Connection…” while trying to browse in Chrome then this fix may resolve it. This issue not only happens to old machines but newly built computers as well after doing all the windows updates. Somewhere along the lines the Cryptographic Services windows service root registry gets corrupted. The solution to resolve this issue is to force windows to rebuild the root registry. Below are the steps you’ll need to perform (please be ware, if you delete the wrong windows registry entry, you can potentially break you windows installation disallowing you from being able to log back in after a reboot so be extra careful not to delete the wrong registry entry).

    1. Close all apps (including all instances of Chrome)
    2. Open Windows Services Management Console by pressing Windows Key + R
    3. Type services.msc then press Enter
    4. Find and stop the Cryptographic Service windows service
    5. Open the Registry Editor by pressing Windows Key + R
    6. Type regedit then press Enter
    7. Find HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\SystemCertificates\Root\ProtectedRoots
    8. Right click ProtectedRoots > click Permissions if you get the following windows security message then the registry entry is corrupted.
    9. Click Reorder then click OK
    10. Delete the corrupt registry entry: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\SystemCertificates\Root 
    11. Now we need to restart the Cryptogrphic Services windows service
    12. Press Windows Key + R then type services.msc then press Enter
    13. Find and start the Cryptographic Service windows service
    14. Open Chrome and browse to a secure website (e.g. you can use

That’s it folks, you should be all set and ready to browse without any delays. If your browser still takes really long to load secure web pages, you may have a virus on your computer but this is out of the scope of this article.

I hope this helps someone out there, happy browsing all! 🙂

Tutorial 2 – AngularJS Demo App

Please Note: If you are starting a new web project, you should take a look at using the new Angular (currently at version 7 at time of writing). If you are looking for AngularJS specifically, continue reading below.

The following is a demo AngularJS (Angular 1) app I built in Visual Studio 2017. It demonstrates how to use core concepts in AngularJS such as interpolation, two-way data binding, and routing (via UI Router). It also uses some HTML5/CSS3 concepts such as Local Storage and CSS Class Selectors. Using the basic concepts illustrated in this demo web application, you will have a good foundation for building a real-world applications.

To download the angular demo project, please click the link below:

In order to run this demo web application, Visual Studio 2017 is required (it may work on other version but I have not tested). To get your free copy of Visual Studio 2017 Community Editionclick here to visit their download page.

Below is a video where I demonstrate what the GUI will look like when you run the Tutorial 2 – AngularJS Demo web app: