Windows 8.1 – Network Connectivity & new Start Button

Windows 8.1 – Network Connectivity & new Start Button

Microsoft finally added the Start button to Windows 8.1 and I finally installed it.

Network Connectivity

After upgrading to Windows 8.1, I struggled with the Wi-Fi Network connectivity. In the Wi-Fi popup screen (click the Wi-Fi icon in the task bar) kept saying limited network connectivity with the little exclamation mark next to the Wi-Fi connection. It took me a while but I finally resolved the issue by opening Device Manager and uninstalling the Wi-Fi network drivers and then reinstalling them (reinstalling the drivers without uninstalling them from Device Manager first did not work for me).

Again, as I’ve said in the past, I really like Windows 8, this is not a bashing session. However, at the same time there are certain things about Windows 8/8.1 that just make me wonder “Why?”:

Pros & Cons IMO

1st, things I like about Windows 8.1:

1. I have a duel screen setup and my main screen is on the right side. I like that I no longer have to aim my mouse just perfectly at the bottom left edge of the main screen just to go to access the start screen because MS finally added a start button (I have issues with the start button too but more on that in the next section).

2. I like the new options and customization that you get from the metro GUIs.

3. The computer management menu where you previously had to right click the bottom most left edge of the screen now contains shutdown options (shutdown, sleep, hibernate, etc…) 

2nd, things I do not like about Windows 8.1:

1. In order to view the computer management (right click) menu, you have to right click the start button… it would have mad a lot more sense  if you just left click the start button and the menu appears.

2. The computer management (right click) popup menu is so plain and ugly… just seems like MS rushed to add it and didn’t spend anytime on it. MS should have invested just a little bit of time to make it look more integrated and pretty (similar to the Windows 7 popup menu without the “All Programs” menu & recent programs)

3. Start button brings you directly to the start screen instead of popping up a menu. I don’t understand why the start button simply brings up the start screen if there are many other methods to achieve the same thing:

  • Press the Windows Key on the keyboard
  • If the PC is a tablet (like a surface) just press the start button on the screen itself
  • Bring up the Charms > Start button

This is how the start button should work:

  • Double clicking should bring up the Start Screen
  • Single clicking should popup the computer management menu

Anyway, this is my two cents, thanks for reading.