Windows 8 Settings Gear Box Icon

Windows 8 Settings Gear Box Icon

I have to say, Windows 8 is really a great product but what would make it even better would be a Settings icon somewhere on the taskbar. Once you’ve used it for a few weeks and really get used to it, it starts growing on you. At home I only use Windows 8 but at the office we still use Windows 7 and Windows XP. This week for the first time I found myself sitting at my desk pressing the Windows Key trying to bring up my Start Screen and thinking to myself “wow, I totally forgot I’m on Windows 7, Duh!”.

I’ve seen a lot of threads with people complaining about Windows 8 mainly because of the missing start button and number of clicks it takes just to shutdown their PC. Anyway, this article isn’t to talk about how many click or taps it takes to do something rather it is a suggestion for Microsoft that I think would make a huge difference in the user experience. Most people I’ve spoke with don’t really care about the start button menu rather they want a quick way to access certain Windows Features. For example, there should be a way to enabled an icon or button somewhere on the taskbar that provides quick and easy  access to Power features, Control Panel, Search, and Administrative Tools (for the techy folk). The hidden menu at the bottom left hand corner of the screen just doesn’t cut it. This is especially true if you have dual monitors where the right monitor is your main and the left is your secondary. This is my setup and the mouse seems to always want to move over to my second screen so I have difficulty accessing the hidden menu… its such pain in that you know what. 

Here’s what I think would be a perfect solution to this problem. Add a Gear Box Icon to the bottom left of the screen where the old START button used to be and show a cut down version of the Start Menu. For example, here’s a mockup screenshot of what I think that menu should contain. We don’t need the program list or recent programs list on this menu. I really think this would improve the Windows 8 experience and also stop most of the commotion all over the internet relating to the start button.


Holla back if you agree,